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Valerian Blos — Epilogues of Domestication

Free Project — Summer 2013

Trough breeding, genetic manipulation and domestication of creatures, mankind forms the earth after its ideals. With the help of trust testing objects the domesticated animal receives a chance to test the relationship between itself and the human. The “owner” is now challenged to reflect about the legitimation of his dominiance and acting practice towards the animal.

The modified dog leash is giving the animal a new power: if it tries to run away or refuse to accept orders from the human – the owners dies.

With the help of a glass cutter mounted on a hamsterwheel, the animal find itself faced with the choice of freedom or domestication.

We share our privacy and living space with the animal, but what happens when our most intimate secrets be at stake? Is it enough to just &ldquoown” a pet to build trust? The speaker is connected with the voice output of the computer. Each time a password is typed in – the parrot will listen to it.