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Mireia Subirana — Ampel Pong

Minimal Media Interventions in Public Space — Winter 2006

Interactive street installation in a traffic light that uses the popular computer Atari Ping-Pong game. The street users play each other while waiting for the green light.

It is a minimal medial intervention in a public space designed to encourage interaction between people in a very entertaining and memorable situation.

The installation consists of a white light projection on the asphalt with which the passers-by can interact playing ping-pong while waiting for the traffic light. Cars also participate in the game. The traffic light creates an ideal situation for a game: groups of strangers are face to face just waiting and doing anything else.

The period of the red light lasts no longer than one minute and therefore it is essentially to create an easy game with a quick understanding. For many years, the Pong game has been very popular and common all over the world and the passers-by can participate without any efforts. The Ampel Pong creates an entertaining way of communication.