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Marisa Frizzi Nest — Until time will tear us apart

Time Apparatus (Course) — Winter 2021

We often perceive time as something linear and bound to the individual. We all inhabit our own time-spaces which we conceive as being limited to our life. Our birth and death form the rigid and impermeable boundaries of this time-space. We thus see time as a directional, finite line.

This linear time understanding is something that can unite and comfort us but also divide and fear us. During our lives, we may feel connected to others, connected through time, linked by our entangled time-lines. But what if those time-lines end? What if someone we love dies?

If we take a step back, we can see that time not only exists in the context of the single subject but transcends the individual body. Time can also be conceived as a perpetual, unbounded space that we all inhabit. In this space, we are all connected, even if our time-lines no longer exist. Our death marks the point where we entirely dissolve into this lager time-frame.

Even though we sometimes feel that the end of our time-lines will tear us apart, it will also bring us back together at the very same moment.

The installation presents both perceptions: time as a subject-bound, finite line and as an eternal, unlimited body that transcends the individual. It is an endless loop in which one time speciality turns into the other.

Photos: Jens Tiemann ©