// new media class

Julius Fuehrer — Plant Lamp

Micro/Macro (Course) — Summer 2020

Humans shaped the earth according to their ideals and needs. While everything - from landscapes to plants to animals - had to adapt and bend to these ideas of the environment, this also formed our own existence and perception of the world.

In an environment designed by technology, the terms "artificial" and "natural" were often used and considered in their opposites. Until the earthly biosphere was damaged to a point that the future of its living beings seemed threatened.
Now we are trying to get close to nature again and naturalness is - whether simulated or real - desirable for us.

Stumbling across hybrids where nature and technology is interwoven with each other, our understanding of natural and artificial becomes blurred. When we are not able to recognise the boundaries of natural and artificial or if something is shaped through humans or natural processes new questions emerge:

What does nature mean then? What means artificial then? And what does it mean to be human in such an environment?