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Johanna Schmeer — Posture enhancing jewellery

Instant Pain (Short-term Project) — Summer 2010

Having a bad body posture is a problem becoming ever more prevalent in our technologised world, where sitting at a desk and working at a computer screen for several hours a day is the norm. Our physical appearance and body language is often affected by this in a negative way, communicating signals that we might not want to send, since a good posture is perceived as a sign of vitality, competence and self-confidence. The Posture Enhancing Jewellery is a design concept that aims at enhancing our bodily signals by reminding the wearer to maintain a good posture. The way the object is constructed, wearing it whilst maintaing a good posture will not result in uncomfort, but moving the shoulders or neck into a wrong position will cause the wooden construction to poke it‘s sharp edges into the wearers skin.