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GEL-Lab 2020 — The Moment

GEL-Lab (Special Project) — Winter 2020

This work is placed in a hypothetical future scenario where machines and AI have been displacing human work for a few years which has created problems incorperating people into working life and hence the development of their lives. In a hyperconnected globalized world which is bringing humans from every corner of the world closer together, cultures in that time are extremely interconnected with each other. Being remote is not an issue anymore, remote work or remote interaction is part of every humans life in this scenario and the physical location is becoming more and more unimportant. The way we relate is linked to our perception of value, times value and dimension is our entry to start thinking differently. We focused our work on a specific interaction between humans, that transports a lot of emotional meaning and many social aspects: The moment of sharing a meal. This intercultural act can transcend languages, taste and cultures and can be a shared ground for the sharing of experiences, memories and information."The Moment" aims to provide a wholesome experience of an intimate time sharing and food experience that provides opportunity for you to communicate with your loved ones and new people all across the world through just your home. It is a home delivered kit that integrates aspects of product design and an interaction design through eating utensil designs and an interface to interact with your friend, and the restaurant. This project was part of the GlowD GEL-Lab, an international student collaboration bringing participants from German, Israel, Mexico and Australia together.
Participants: Marek Asamoah, Sarvani Nadiminti, Noa Zeevi, Aidée Yáñez, Dirk Erdmann, Yuansheng Shi, Maya Almagor and Diego Toledo