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Gaspar Battha — Sixhands

100 Pieces, 10 Variations — Summer 2011

Sixhands is a reinvention of the calendar, a digital tool combined with the traditional analog clock-face.

The concept is based on a phenomenon, that our whole world is being transformed into digital alternatives. The information is accessible anytime, almost anywhere, but the physical form of our objects slowly disappear. Sixhands is a concept to bring the intelligence of the digital world back into something physical.

Technically Sixhands is an Arduino based gadget. It is equipped with a wifi shield, which makes it possible for the clock to connect to the internet and grab the information from a Google calendar as an RSS feed. Once it's synchronized, it's connected and updates automatically. The analog clock hands - for the time - are driven by an analog clock drive. The digital clock hands - each of them with a built-in display to show the entries - are driven by stepper motors.