// new media class

Florentin Aisslinger — Sineground / Climate Bell

New Wilderness (Course) — Summer 2021


In uncertain times the garden can function as a poetic medium and space for reflection. A space within but yet outside of the world, allowing us to critically analyze and process the complex connections of our delicate world.
The Sineground garden is culturally and contextually embossed within the structure of the Gleisdreck park. The project highlights the value of the public realm providing people with a sense of empathy, warmth, and knowledge towards socio-cultural trends and mathematically restated pieces of information.
The garden comprises of single modules, which both work in solitude and in concert with each other. The created symphony is based on the idea of building emotional connections to statistics, infographics, and prevailing theories. Using forms, materials, and rules of placement as a means to break down and encounter these concepts in a poetic and democratic scenario that is immersive by design.

Climate Bell

Climate Bell is a sound system reacting to live local climate data. Each data set (temperature, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Air quality Index EPA) is connected to a specific electronic bell sound. When measurements rise above the environmentally acceptable levels the sound is played. The volume increases with increased measurement.
Just like in nature, trees and animals have alarm systems based on scent, atmosphere, or sounds, this is an approach to develop an alarm system for humans based on the original purpose of the Church Bell. Historically the bell is one of the oldest musical instruments and acoustic symbols used for announcing peace peals, extreme weather, plagues, murder, revolutionary chimes, or war. Later is got more symbolic and religious connotations used for the Christian message, a way to connect heaven and earth, to divide the day, or gather people for prayer. The climate Bells should both be a sound that unites, reminds, or reassures a sense of community and continuity but also of reality and the alarming ecological state we are in. A symbol of harmony but also of great dissonance, trouble, and environmental seriousness, aiming for public awareness.