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Dain Park — musiCO

GEL-Lab (Special Project) — Winter 2020

musiCO is a collaborative project that was created as part of the 2020 Globally We Design Experimental Live-Lab (GEL-Lab) Design Studio addressing the global challenge of in-person human connection.

The team comprises of eight students from four different countries across the globe contributing their expertise in creating a prototype of a public space installation that intends to make people take a break from their regular life and enjoy interacting with each other by creating sound.

For that, various sound snippets are playing in an installation that is intended to be placed in public space. By interacting together, people can collaborate in making sounds that eventually become music. The sound recordings are from different places all over the world and contain beats, melodies, and quotes. Anything can be music: from singing, humming and beatboxing all the way to children laughing, crickets chirping and finger snapping – it all becomes a melody by being looped. In musiCO, the playful and diverse sounds interact with each other and with the people that are a part of the installation. With its playful and dynamic visual identity and a big set of buttons that are built on a system of springs it invites people to press on them. The user gets multi-sensual feedback by interacting with it: physical (by jumping on the button), visual (from the lights that are turned on when the buttons are pressed) and of course, musical. It makes the product interesting for children, yet also allows adults to participate in an activity that interacts with their inner child. The installation includes a touch pressure sensor as well as a code prototype in which a speaker and LED turn on by activating the sensor.

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Odelia Ben-Dov & Shaked Schwartzberg
Industrial Design at HIT Israel

Dain Park & Destina Atasayar
Interaction Design at UdK Berlin

Milthon Blanco & Nora Licona
Visual Arts at UNAM Mexico City

Pengling (Iris) Li & Sumit Saha
Visual Communication at RMIT Melbourne

Elí Castellanos & Karina Diaz Barriga Morales
UNAM Mexico City