// new media class

A distinction can be made between specific and non-specific software- related data access: The specific search hardly has any surprises in store, due to its purpose of existence. We find what we are looking for, the problems, preferences and needs are specifically individual, predominantly environmental and self-driven. However, the amount of data gathered by websites appears to be too large. A trivial or complex speculative form of sorting, categorization and curation is required - the unspecific access. Examples of this are forecast systems, sorting, categories and recommendation systems, which try to anticipate users’ problems, preferences and needs but often also to create new ones.
By removing the SearchBar, we are exposed to an ideological software anticipation. We no longer have the opportunity to articulate our own problems, preferences and needs but are always in a mixed feeling between frustration and hope that the right thing could still emerge.

(Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nosearchbar/fjjlanpalmagenpageablaphkfcchado?hl=de)