// new media class

Paula Schwager — 101

Island of things — Summer 2021

The project 101 is about creating this myth with the help of the storytelling prosperities of objects. But not we as designer are the sole creators of this new existence; no, there are other parties involved: a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) creates the visual imagery and the eerie, weird aesthetic often associated to AI- generated images, which will help create the atmosphere of the world of 101. Also the community on the real island Valentinswerder gets involved by providing the content with which the GAN gets trained, by sharing personal objects from the island. The third party are we as designers. We feed the GAN, we choose and curate the images and most importantly we interpret them as 3d objects so that they can find their way back to the island. There they will hint at the existence of inhabitant 101.