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Merani Schilcher — unclutter

Unstable Objects (Short-term Project) — Summer 2020

For the brief „unstable objects“ I chose to work with my digital camera. To change anything about an already functioning device, there are two different scenarios that could play out: either the function changes and the result won’t or the result changes and the function won’t.
I chose to change the result, but kept the same function.

On a grand scale, we all know about all the cyber-waste floating around and as per definition: most of it really serves no purpose except that it takes up valuable space.
On a more personal note, I have noticed how a lot of times taking pictures has become such a habit to me and it has ended up being more about the act of taking a picture and less about the images themselves. Thus I always dread going through my pictures, putting it off for as long as possible.

This dread can be eliminated by automating the process of sifting through your pictures. "unclutter" isn’t looking for the best picture, it doesn’t rate them based on parameters other people set for the worth of an image.
A single image based on the frequency of its motif will be the only remainder.
To measure the similarity of the shots the Structural Similarity Index (SSIM) is used, making it a non-content-based decision.

It is itself a stable object that causes destabilization, because while it eliminates pictures, it does the same with the memories linked to them. You’re suddenly left without proof that something happened in the first place. How does this affect your behavior of taking photos?

sro – i miss summer