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Jerome Gautier — Love Parade Sound Walk

One Century — Five Regimes — Summer 2015

“This generation has understood that, fifty years after the end of the war, we’ve reached a point far enough removed from it to be able to organise a collective rapture which won’t fall evil. for us, large parades will always bring back bad memories. here, we’re witnessing a collective expression of ecstasy protected by pure rhythm, sheltered from any possible cult of personality or political hijacking.” (l’expresse, berlin, la boite à idée 1999)

The Love Parade was an event of great cultural impact but, contrary to a war, it has left no physical trace in Berlin. This is the reason why the project makes use of a system of geolocalisation (the application ‘Radio Aporee’) that allows one to move freely on the steps of the 1989 Love Parade. While following its path, the user can listen to some anecdotes related to this historical event and enjoy the original ‘mix tape’. The tape is split into 18 tracks lasting between one and five minutes. The listener can play each of them just once but starting from any location. Some tracks overlap, some are the continuation of others … everyone will experience a different feeling of how the ghost of the first Love Parade still flutters over Kurfürstendamm.