// new media class

Timur Kuyanov — Electric Sound Traps

Free Project — Winter 2009

Hidden under welcome smiles of ergonomic Interfaces and sleek design modern technology creates an illusion of it's own simplicity and safety,where with press of button or gesture on multi-touch screen one able to perform actions which required years of training before... But are we really able to create something new this way? Do we have control of our actions? In order to better understanding of processes envolved and gather more control of instruments he using in everyday life as an artist working with technology,student performed series of experiments in the fields of low-level electronic design,prototyping with analog and digital components, and electronic music instruments design,starting from building simple electronic circuits, through work with micro-controllers and digital sound synthesis algorithms to creation of digitally controlled analog sound synthesizer in form of ancient shamanic drum,symbol of never-ending attempts of human beings to communicate and use invisible forces and energies surrounding us in the world.