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Niklas Söder — Neue Normalität — Deutsche Eiche

Unstable Objects (Short-term Project) — Summer 2020

A germinated seed i found on my balcony was set to become a stable object. Trees are symbols for stability, growth and longevity. They are deeply rooted in space and the trunks are holding up the weight of their branches. The oak in particular is a symbol for strength and survival. It's consistant symbolism can be referenced throughout Europe and is of great symbolic importance in german history.

The object Neue Normalität — Deutsche Eiche transplants the growing oak into a new reality and converts it into an unstable object. The object thus acts as a metaphor for the ongoing threat to oaks and the forests in general. Deforestation, agriculture and climatic changes have led to a decline in oak populations over the past decades. On top of that, the dry weather of the past years is adding to the unstable situation as draught monitoring reveals.

Does the object actually cope with its new conditions? In contrast to the real world situation of the trees in nature, the object will be supported by water and nutrition. Digital and analog recordings will track its environment and growth.