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Dawoon Park — Solarpunk

New Wilderness (Course) — Summer 2021

This group was formed with the intention of continuing with research, experimentation and creation processes around the sun as a conceptual axis and main source of problematization and energy. The processes carried out so far have focused on the development of sound artifacts from electronic components and light sensors that use solar energy as the main source of operation. However, sunlight as a resource is not limited to the central power supply of the artifact. Due to the sensors that integrate the instruments, the change of intensity and the transition from light to shadow vary the tonalities of the sound, creating a landscape of the solar condition that is modified to the rhythm of the movement of the body, the sun and the hours. Depending on the weather conditions, our group plans a sound intervention from the performance where we plan to integrate the sunlight conditions of the space and the movement of the bodies through artifacts that react to the variation and change produced between light and shadow.

The Solarpunk consists of Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya, Orlando Helfer Rabaça, Tsingyun Zhang, Jens Tiemann and Dawoon Park.