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Florentin Aisslinger — Home Totem

Expanding Spaces — Summer 2020

‘Home Totem’ is a modular totem transforming the domestic space into a holy space by introducing new rituals, ultimately enabling us to expand space within the mind. The project is exploring the totem as a universally understood and intuitively used object opening new doors to how we perceive and use our domestic space.

How can totems act as a sacred but neutral framework for placing objects? How does an object’s placement change its value and relevance? Do objects become alive through our emotional projections onto them? In uncertain times of confinement and social distancing, objects can give us stability but also be a medium to expand space mentally.

The ceramic totem should invite us to observe how public space is designed regarding our movements, and how our domestic environment will focus more on how an object will answer to our gestures.

The final piece is a performance of rituals with the Home Totem as a gravitation point in the room.